Stay OFF Impurities, Harmful Chemicals, Micro-organisms, Acidity And Excess Chlorine By Purifying And Fortifying Your Drinking Water With the NO.1 Water purifier That Many Nigerians Are Now Testifying About


Over 99.9% Purification Assurance as Certified by WHO

Are You Aware?: That Drinking Purely Purified Water Can Save You And Your Family From Killer Diseases Such As - Typhoid, Fever, Cholera, Diarrhea And Many More Which Could Cost You So Much Money And Time To Cure


Roland from Lagos, Nigeria

At first, when I saw this product on Naij, I was hesitant about buying this product but my wife insisted I buy it for her. When the delivery person came to deliver the product, I was amazed on how well packaged and very easy to use the product appeared, the water purifier is  just so useful and irresistible as a German product with full purifying assurance and serial number inscribed on the body.

It also comes with the installation manual that my 12year old boy used to install it on our home taps. Infact, we washed it after about 2weeks of use... Damn it! I was so shocked to see the amount of dirty stuffs such as (mud, sediment, odour, rust, moss, tiny bloodworms & excess chlorine) that this 4 layer purifier has captured/filtered for us which would have gone into our body system.  Since then I have gotten three pieces, two for my house and one for my office and my children & I has since then been FREE from water related diseases such as coughs, dryness, re-occuring malaria and so on. 

This 4 Layer water purifier that I am about to introduce to you has helped many Nigerian families and offices to improve the quality of their water and to live a healthy life that is FREE from illness and waterborne disseases that is associated with borehole, watertank & well water.

It works and nothing is as good as having the ability to improve the quality of your drinking water at the comfort of your home or office.

Anyway, this is for you if...

You care so much about the quality of the water you drink and wants to keep water borne diseases far from you


The 4 Element Ceramic Layer Water purifier = 100% purification assurance!

See It Live In Action With Very Powerful Purifying Processes

  • It Renders Water Pure, Crystalline, Odourless and Tasteless.

  • Eliminates solid particles such as lime, mud, rust and chemical elements such as excess chlorine, lead, mercury that are extremely harmful to your health.

  • Eliminates every Micro-organism

  • Maintains alkalinity of water

  • Besides this, it balances the water adding minerals such as calcium and potassium.  

This 4 Element Ceramic Layer Water purifier is very important for your health as it contribute to a proper body functioning, strengthening the teeth and bones (Calcium) and Heart Beats (Potassium).

Once you get this water purifier, your water will be 100% save to drink and you will never need to buy pure water or table water again

Our Product Pure Benefits:

  1.  It works perfectly without electricity
  2.  Self - Easy Installation
  3.  Washable and Re-Useable
  4.  3x Filtering processes
  5. This faucet water purifier can generate instant healthy purified water that is portable for cooking and drinking
  6. Switches between filtrated water and normal tap water flexibly with the Nano-KDF technology which inhibit the growth and penetration of bacteria
  7. The ceramic filtering catridge can be cleaned easily and used over again such that you can see how much dirt it has removed/filtered for you
  8. If the water quality in your area is really bad, it will definitely work for you as it is very environment friendly
  9. It also comes with 3 adaptors in order to easily fit different types of taps. It is very easy to install. It takes less than 5 minutes. No special tool required
  10. It helps to promote easy digestion
  11. It helps your skin to achieve a balance and healthier look
  12. Using this water purifier can also save your family from killer diseases such as - Typhoid, Fever, Cholera, Diarrhea and many more which could cost you so much money and time to cure
  13. Even If you claim that your water is fine, we can assure you that it is not totally safe for drinking and cooking because even if you do wash your water tank regularly but it is very obvious that you can't wash inside the pipe that carries the water to your tap... And that's why you need to buy this our amazing product to regularly purify your water for adequate safety

  14. It can also be used with any type of water tap as shown below:

Using this amazing 4 Element Ceramic Water Purifier has helped many Nigerian families and offices to improve the quality of their drinking water by taking advantage of the three phase filtration mechanism which is currently the world's standard.

How To Place Your Order And Get It NOW

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While deliveries to other locations outside Lagos takes 2-7 working days or Less.

Once You Place Your Order, One of our Friendly Customer Care Representatives Will Call You To Confirm Your Order And Proceed With Delivery Processes Immediately.

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See what others are saying about our product below. . . 

Olayinka A - Surulere/Lagos

Thanks for delivering this amazing product to me quickly. It's affordable and very reasonable on that price compared to every benefit I derive using it. My borehole water has been completely transformed. No more taste and odour, the Iron content has been completely eliminated.

Abubakar S - Kano
Walahi this a produkt is very good. May Allah bles you people.
Gozy - LEKKI/Lagos

Thanks for introducing me to this great product. The money is well spent. Now, I save thousands of Naira. I no longer have to buy gallon water for my dispenser, I now refill my dispenser gallon from the comfort of my home.

Nnamdi O - Calabar/Cross river

This is surely a good improvement in water purification. This is the best water purifier I have used, I got something similar few years ago but this is far better and does everything I need. I highly recommend.

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